5 Things I use to Make Traveling Blissful

The weather has started to change. Spring has made an appearance in New York and the school year is starting to wind down. That means the travel season is upon us. One of my goals for this year is to take a variety of trips. Going out of town is exciting, and downright necessary. It’s an actual form of self-love for me, but traveling to my destination can sometimes be stressful. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going this year, but whether it’s via plane, train or a road trip, there’s a few items that make traveling more enjoyable for me:

1. A super luxurious travel pillow.
I saw one of my favorite You Tubers review this one a couple of years ago and fell in love with it. I picked one up and loved it so much, I bought a few more for gifts. There’s so many reasons to love it: it’s covered in luscious red velvet. Velvet is NEVER wrong, my friends! This pillow has pockets that zip that can keep your cell phone, passport, tissues etc handy. There’s snaps that not only keeps it secure around your neck, but you can attach it to your carry on to keep your hands free. Not to mention it was listed as one of Oprah’s favorite items. I get compliments absolutely every time I use it.

2. My Saje Wellness Moon-cycle Roller-ball.
Man listen. This stuff is the bomb!! I have bulging discs and suffer from lower back pain. Sometimes sitting for hours on a plane, or in a car really aggravates me. Add in hormonal changes and I’m really unhappy. I use this on my back when it’s bothering me, and also on my hips and lower abdomen if I have cramps. There’s some natural goodness that relieves pain not to mention the scent provides some aromatherapy. Of course I have prescribed medicine and a brace, but I always try to start with homeopathic options first, and I would legit fight you for this one. Honestly Saje Wellness has several items that can help with headaches, alertness, and balancing yourself. This post is not sponsored, even though I’d love that because it’s truly one of my favorite new companies.

3. My Travel Oil Diffuser.
So, in keeping with holistic practices, one thing that I started doing last year is diffusing essential oils. I make it part of my self care rituals and have several diffusers throughout my home. I believe having your comfort items when you travel is important, so naturally I would want to have my essential oils. I purchased a personal diffuser that’s battery operated and can fit right in my carry-on. It uses pads instead of water, making it super convenient. You can curl up on your hotel bed, turn it on and let the oils help you relax, sleep, meditate, read, etc. I’m super excited because as a game changer, a BFF gave me a car diffuser for Xmas that plugs right into my power outlet. Now I can have an energizing oil diffusing while I’m driving. What an awesome, thoughtful gift.
4. A comfy wrap or blanket.
Let’s keep it 100, airplane blankets are skeevy. I get cold easily, so I have a few cashmere wraps that I love to wrap up when I get chilly on the plane or hotel room. Cashmere is soft and luxurious and it rolls up small in my carry on. I said blissful right?

5. A stylish and roomy carry-on bag.
I always used to check my luggage. It’s struggle city for me, when it comes to packing light. I’m a work in progress, but these rising airline baggage fees are helping me make it happen. I have a vintage Fendi duffel bag that’s a pretty good size. I’m able to pack a good amount in there and also take a standard carry-on.

I hope you plan an exciting trip somewhere this year. What are your go-to travel must haves?

Love Life.  Live Abundantly