5 Ways To Combat Anxiety

It’s been a wacky week. Mercury’s in retrograde, day light savings time has me feeling like I can’t catch up, and well, teenagers are a real thing. When things start going wrong, especially the ones that you can’t control, do your nerves take over and you get wound up? Mine definitely do. Anxiety is a real thing and I have my fair share of it. It’s actually very common, with over 3 million people in the US suffering from it, and in all age groups. Now obviously, if anxiety is really taking over your life, seeking therapy and possibly medication is a good idea. Managing everyday stress and being in tune with your body is really important. Here’s a few ways that I practice mindfulness and take control of my emotions:

  1. Meditate
    At first, meditating seemed impossible. Just like any working mom, I have a million things on my mind at one time, from school meetings to paying bills. Clearing my mind just wasn’t working. I started using a podcast called “Meditation Minis” by Chel Hamilton, to help guide me. I started listening and focusing on taking control of my breathing.

  2. Self-Care
    Self-care is such a hot topic now. It covers everything from taking time to eat well and sleep, to enjoying full spa days. It really needs to be an actual lifestyle, and that takes commitment. When my anxiety is high, I try to do something extra for myself. I focus on something that boosts my confidence like a hair appointment, or increases my personal development, like working on a marketable skill. The goal is focus on improving myself, not the chaos.

  3. Making Lists
    Feeling out of control puts my anxiety on 10. It might sound crazy, but there is something so gratifying to me about making a list of what I have to do and actually crossing stuff off when I complete an item. Using reminders in my phone is a bonus. It makes me feel in control of my chaos.

  4. Talk to a bestie.
    I find someone I love and have a good ole’ fashioned conversation, not texting. Human connection is therapeutic.

  5. Get out of the house!
    When my anxiety is high, it’s really important for me to block out negative images, shows, social media, and yes, even people with negative attitudes. A good way to do this is to do something, anything, to get moving. It might be walking my dog, going to the gym or sauna, or taking a quick trip to the shore. Other times, it’s thrifting, window shopping or going to lunch with a friend. When I go out, I often find things that inspire me to do something creative like blogging or making changes in my home.

It’s all about practicing mindfulness and taking control of your reactions. Do you ever suffer from anxiety? What are some ways you manage it?