An Easy DIY Dresser Makeover

I’ve been working on a long overdue master bedroom refresh. The focal point of my changes is my beautiful, new blue velvet bed frame. Once I got into the changes, I realized my current, heavy brown furniture did not go with my aesthetic. I’m frugal, and definitely on a budget for this refresh, so I decided to try my first furniture DIY. Here’s what I did.

  1. I decided to paint it.
    I have absolutely no experience painting furniture, so I kept it simple. I used chalk paint, since it doesn’t require any prep work. I did wipe the dresser off and I sanded one small area on the top. It helped that this piece of furniture was in pretty good condition. I used three coats of “Rustoleum” Aged Grey paint.

  2. I decorated the sides of the drawers.
    I got an idea from a Pinterest post to use decorative paper on the sides of the drawers. Ordinary pretty wrapping paper or craft paper is fine. You can also use wallpaper, but it will most likely be more expensive. I used a roll of blue foil wrapping paper for $2.99 from TJ Maxx.

    Here's what you need for this step:

    • Decorative Paper

    • Mod Podge

    • Small brush

    • Razor or scissor

    • Sanding block

    • Cloth

    • Decorative knobs (optional)

    I simply cut the paper a little larger than the side of the drawer. I brushed a thin layer of mod podge on the side. I placed the paper on the drawer and cut the excess off. Next, I smoothed out any bubbles and brushed a thin layer of mod podge over the paper. I allowed it to dry and apply a second coat.

  3. I upgraded the hardware.
    I was going to spray the knobs gold, but that didn’t work out well. I was gifted these beautiful blue agate knobs for Mother’s Day from a dear friend. It was a perfect upgrade and really set it off.

That’s it,basically three steps. It’s not perfect, but definitely an improvement. For a small investment, I transformed this piece of furniture that I was about to throw out, into something that I could fall in love with again. Take your time and create the feeling that you want in your space. Are you working on any DIY projects? Tell me below.