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Five Favorites From This Summer

Stephanie MooreComment
Five Favorites From This Summer

Summer is my favorite season! Here’s five things I’ve been crushing on:

1. My Kangarui Double Shopper Tote

I love this tote because its not a big sack, but has three separate compartments. I purchased it at the Grand Bazaar flea market in Manhattan. This African print tote is so stylish and allows me to stuff all my things for the day. There’s even a bonus compartment underneath that you can carry your yoga mat, sweater, wine etc. in. The artist, Rui Yamashita, has Kenyan and Japanese roots. I’m definitely planning to get another.

2. “Ylang 49” fragrance by Le Labo
I discovered the popular, luxury New York based, Le Labo brand, and I was delighted to find one of their specialty labs in walking distance from my office. I had every intention to try the NYC cult favorite fragrance: “Santal 33,” but I ended up falling in love with the “Ylang 49” scent. At $82 for half and ounce, the price tag definitely made buying this a “treat yo-self” moment for me, but the the floral, sensual smell is so intoxicating I couldn’t resist.


3. Chic Fil A’s Strawberry Passion Tea Lemonade
Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks. This one, is quite frankly, the bomb. It’s a limited summer drink that’s apparently only available for a few more weeks. I’m about to bring some containers and stock up. I have no shame.


4. The “Wild Savannah” Fragrance Candle by Opalhouse (Target)
The citrus, musk scent of this candle is so lovely. When you add in that the jar is in my two favorite colors: navy blue and emerald green, with an awesome cheetah design, it becomes immediately obvious that this candle was made for me. I find myself lighting it in the morning while meditating and getting my day started. I regret not purchasing more.


5. My Luscious New Blue Velvet Bed

I’m having fun re-decorating my bedroom, and the first purchase that I made was this navy-blue velvet “Kirtley” bed. I scored it at an amazing price from Wayfair during their “Way Day sale". Of course, my new mattress has a lot to do with my improved sleep, but the color and texture inspires the direction that I’m decorating in so much. It’s so different from my previous bed and brings me lots of joy.

Thanks for Reading. What are some of your summer faves? Comment below.