What I Learned in My First Year Blogging

What I Learned in My First Year Blogging

Say Yes Moore Turns 1!

Two weeks ago my blog turned one year old! I spent a long time considering starting a blog before I finally decided to to just do it. It’s been a little challenging, but I’m really happy I did. I started it as a creative outlet, but it ended up teaching me a few things:

  1. Writing Your Goals Down Helps You Achieve Them
    I can keep a ton of thoughts and ideas in my head and they’ll probably get stuck there. Keeping a journal, writing out my goals, roadblocks and possible solutions makes stuff happen. Things that I was trying to accomplish for months became easy when I set intentions.

  2. Comparison is the Devil
    I stalled so many times this first year, because I doubted myself. I would look at my favorite bloggers’ pages and wonder if my content was good enough. I contemplated changing my format, switching up the look. Each and every time I started to do it, I would get a compliment. The truth is every single accomplished creative can look back at their work in the beginning and cringe. If you don’t see growth over time, something is weird. You get better by honing your skills, practicing and being consistent. Be you.

  3. Stay Ready
    About four months ago, I had an opportunity to appear on a podcast. It didn’t happen (at least not yet) due to reasons beyond my control, but it put my anxiety level on 10. Why? Because I just didn’t think I would get an opportunity like that right now. Hell, I spent the first few months not even promoting my blog. I learned you don’t necessarily need a ton of followers to get an opportunity. Business cards, decent pictures of yourself, and media kits are necessary. You never know when an opportunity will strike and you don’t want to be caught off guard scrambling, trying to look professional.

  4. Blogging Can be Hard But it’s Rewarding
    Writer’s block, creative stumps, and real life situations are a thing. Blogging takes discipline, and if you’re not prepared you’ll fall off quickly and lose readers. It’s hard, but there is something really rewarding about having your own little space to create and hopefully inspire.

Thank you to everyone that read my blog and encouraged me this first year. I hope you stick with me cause year two will be simply amazing!

Be Present. Love Life. Live Abundantly