My Fall To Do List

Monday, September 23, 2019 is officially the autumnal equinox. If I’m keeping it 100, I LOVE summer. It’s my favorite season, and the hotter, the better. I grew up in Harlem, and practically lived my whole life here. I remember as a little girl that the African American Day parade in mid September always signified: the ending of summer, the start of the school year, and ridiculously cold New York winters to come. Instead of letting seasonal depression kick in early, I decided to be positive, step my sweater and bootie game up, and embrace fall. Being intentional is important, so here’s a list of my goals for this fall:

  1. Plan a drive to appreciate the fall foliage.

  2. Finish my master bedroom makeover.

  3. Learn how to make homemade soup. I’m looking to make a mean chicken tortilla soup.

  4. Plan one or two day trips or stay-cations relatively close to recharge and explore a new area.

  5. Step up my self-care pamper game with a massage, mani and pedi day.

  6. Start taking yoga or another exercise class.

  7. Visit 5 Restaurants in Harlem that I haven’t patronized before. Here’s my tentative list:

    1. Ruby’s Vintage

    2. Lenox Saphire

    3. Belle Harlem

    4. Tio Luca

    5. Lo Lo’s Seafood Shack

  8. Read at least five books. I love to read, but just haven’t been disciplined lately. I’m setting the goal low, with maybe 2 books to increase my blogging and business skills, and 3 for pleasure. Give me some suggestions below!

  9. Push myself out of my shell more by visiting coffee-shops, a restaurant, or show ALONE.

  10. Go pumpkin and apple picking with my family.

  11. Visit a couple of museums.

This is a good start for my fall planning. What are you getting into this fall?